Lashes “Hope”
Lashes “Hope”
Lashes “Hope”
Lashes “Hope”
Lashes “Hope”

Lashes “Hope”

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Want to add luxury, drama, and 3-D effect your eyes? Fur-free 3-D Faux Mink eyelashes look and feel more luxurious and natural than real authentic mink lashes with the lighter and comfortable fit these exceptional lashes have a beautiful shape and a thick band that could be easily trim to fit in any shape or length of eyes. With a proper care these eyelashes can last a long time. Get glam and gorgeous with LookUpLashes   3-D lashes instantly!


Directions for use: 


Remove lashes gently from the tray and measure the strip against your actual eyelid and trim off the excess.

Apply eyelash glue thinly over the band.

We recommend using your favorite lash glue with an easy applicator. Place along the natural lash line of your eyes.

to remove, slowly pull the lashes from the root and remove any build up of Glues from the band. Use clean mascara wand to clean any debris from the lashes.

3-D Faux-Mink lashes are we usable so take care!