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Tween boy box

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I am making boy boxes. I have tween boxes on my website that caters to young girls from the ages of 2 to 16.


on your order please email me on how old your child is and what you would like your child to have in the box I do customize it a little bit but some of the stuff everybody will get a facemask Play-Doh hand sanitizer crayons something educational a toy etc. The picture you see, that’s just one variation of the box.





I do not accept returns or exchanges 

I also will not replace broken items! It’s a mystery box you get more then what you pay. 

in the event your package gets lost it is your responsibility to contact UPS once you contact them and you show me proof that contact was made and there’s an investigation open there’s a three week window before I replace the box if UPS cannot locate it. I purchased insurance on all the boxes out of my pocket